Stallholder Guide

Please make sure you have read and understood the following Stallholder Guide before completing your application form.

This Stallholder Guide is for everyone’s benefit and welfare and to ensure that the event is enjoyable, safe and successful.

1. Applications

1.1 All applications for Stalls must be submitted using the on-line booking form. Stallholder applications are not completed until written confirmation has been received from the Organisers. This will only be possible if full payment has been made, a copy of your Public Liability Insurance provided, and a risk assessment completed.

2. Hours of Market

2.1 The Market will be open to the public from 11am to 4pm.

2.2 The Organisers reserve the right to alter the hours of operation at the event without advance notice to Stallholders, visitors, and other persons.

2.3 Stallholders will be advised of their arrival and set up times.

2.4 You will be able to begin packing up at 4pm. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LEAVE BEFORE 4PM and all stallholders need to vacate the site by 6pm. Non-compliance with this will contravene the Aveley Christmas Market Event Management Plan and Risk Assessment which have been submitted to the local authority licensing department.

3. Postponement or Abandonment of Market

3.1 Should the event be abandoned on the day due to severe weather, acts of God, third party or other circumstances outside the control of the Event Organisers, the hire charge of the stalls cannot be refunded.

4. Layout of Market

4.1 All stallholders must provide their own gazebos, tables and chairs if you require them.

4.2 Stallholders must confine their goods to the stall spaces allocated to them. No alterations or additional displays that extend beyond the allocated space are permitted without prior consent.

4.3 A specific unloading area will be advised to you in advance of the Market Day and stewards will be available to direct you on the day to your stall.

4.4 Stallholders must display their trading name and contact details clearly on their stall.

5. Sale of Food

5.1 Stallholders wishing to sell food or drink to be consumed at the event will be subject to a different pricing structure.

5.2 Stallholders who sell food are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and must provide the Organisers with proof of their Food Hygiene Rating. All stallholders selling food must have a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 or above, at the time of booking.

5.3 There will be no gas or electricity supplied to stallholders for cooking.

5.4 There can be NO SMOKING near stalls selling food.

6. Exclusive Rights

6.1 The granting of a pitch does not guarantee the Stallholder sole right of selling or promoting their particular commodity.

6.2 Applications will be considered on a “first come, first served” basis.

6.3 If too many applications are received for stalls selling the same type of goods, the Organisers reserve the right to allocate the pitches that they think will be the best suited to the market, regardless of application date.

7. Liability

Neither the Organisers nor their representatives shall be liable or responsible for:

7.1 Any injury to the Stallholder or their employees, agents, guests or visitors or their property while within the confines of the market.

7.2 Any damage, theft or loss however caused in respect of any exhibits, produce or other property in transit to or from the market or throughout the duration of the market period.

7.3 Anything that may happen to visitors, members, stallholders, or their employees or to any stall or property brought to or used at the Aveley Christmas Market.

7.4 Any losses incurred due to the market being cancelled in the event of severe weather, acts of God, third party or other circumstances outside the control of the Market Organisers.

8. Stall Management

8.1 The Stallholder shall provide an adequate number of staff for the operation of the stall, ensure that any staff are over the age of 16, adequately trained, clean, civil, sober, and well presented at all times. The Organisers may require the Stallholder to remove any member of staff that in the opinion of the Organiser does not meet these standards. The use of offensive or abusive or threatening language by the Stallholder or his staff will breach this clause.

8.2 Stallholders shall display their products and conduct business only within their own designated space.

8.3 All Stallholders must provide a waste bin for their customers and ALL trade waste must be taken away by the stallholder. NO trade waste can be put in bins provided by Aveley Village Community Forum Limited. Stallholders caught doing so will be fined £50 and may be refused a pitch at other events.

8.4 Amplified Sound Systems must not be operated from any stall within the Market without the written consent of the Organisers.

8.5 Stallholders shall be solely responsible for providing security for their own Stall.

9. Damage to the Ground Surface

9.1 Any Stallholder causing damage to any part of the event site, or any other area will be liable for the cost of reinstatement.

10. Distribution of Literature, Display Notices & Banners

10.1 Stallholders are not permitted to roam around the event site handing out literature. The distribution of all literature shall be confined to the Stall area only. Displays, banners, leafleting, signage or any other style of displays are not permitted in the parking areas or on the event site or surrounding areas without the written approval of the Organisers.

11. Health & Safety

11.1 All traders must comply with local fire, health, and safety regulations and with the directions of the Market’s health and safety officer.

11.2 All Stallholders are required to complete and submit a Risk Assessment Form to the Organisers (see our on-line template for guidance).

11.3 When using temporary structures such as gazebos, awnings or tents the Stallholder must make sure it complies with Health and Safety standards. This is due to health and safety implications such has high winds, trip hazards with cables etc. The Events Co-Ordinator on the day (as nominated by the Organisers) will have the final say.

11.4 Under no circumstances are petrol generators to be used. Diesel generators may be used by “space only” traders in permitted areas only. If you should need to use a generator then it is your responsibility to provide appropriate fire safety equipment.

12. Unloading/Loading and Parking

12.1 Each Stallholder is requested to bring only one vehicle into the designated area while unloading and loading (unless specifically agreed with the Organisers in advance). No vehicles can remain on the High Street once unloading is complete.

12.2 Vehicle movement times and instructions, as specified by the Organisers, must be strictly adhered to.

12.3 Each Stallholder will be issued with 1 space for car/van parking. Additional parking passes may be acquired at the discretion of the Organisers. Stallholders must park in the designated areas or be parked on their own Trading Space if the vehicle is an integral part of their Stall. Any vehicle irregularly parked in the event site or obstructing any exit must be moved immediately

13. Insurance

13.1 All Stallholders must hold a minimum of £5 million Public Liability Insurance and provide proof to the Organisers that this will be in force on the date of the Market. Bookings can only be accepted/ confirmed once a copy of this documentation has been received.

13.2 Stallholders must ensure that they are adequately insured covering public liability for Third Parties plus cancellation by the Organisers. The Organisers will not, under any circumstances, entertain any claim on behalf of any Stallholder.

14. Charity stalls

14.1 Charitable organisations can book a pitch free of charge. Any such charity stallholder will still need to complete the booking procedure. They will need to provide their own gazebos, tables, and chairs if you require them. They will also need to have adequate insurance in place and provide information as per section 13 of this guide.

15. Assignment

15.1 This application is personal to the Stallholder and shall not be assigned, transferred, or apportioned. No more than one business entity may operate from a single Stall without the written permission of the Organisers.

16. Use of materials and photographs for promotion and publication

16.1 By booking a stall, the stallholder is agreeing to the use of photographs taken by the Organisers of the Stallholder/ their stall/ their goods being used for promotion or other publication in relation to the Market. The Stallholder also agrees to the use of photographs, logos and other material provided by the Stallholder being used by the Organisers for promotional purposes of the event.

17. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018

17.1 When making a booking, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to Aveley Village Community Forum Limited’s handling of your submitted data, as follows: You agree to give Aveley Village Community Forum Limited permission to retain your personal information for as long as it may seem relevant to the event Organisers or you tell us that you no longer want us to retain it. Such personal information (Name and contact details) will only be used by a representative of Aveley Village Community Forum Limited to contact you about this event. We may however share any website, Facebook or other social media link that you provide us with in order to promote your business and the event. If you do not agree with such retention or use of your data, please contact us directly so that we can make alternative arrangements.

18. Early Bird Discount

18.1 For fee paying pitches we are offering a £5 off the listed price for any completed booking and payment of their pitch fee by midnight on 9th October 2022.

18.2 A 'completed booking' means that an online booking form has been completed and all relevant documents have been submitted and logged by the Organiser's.

19. Cancellations

19.1 Any cancellation made by stallholders less than 4 weeks before the event date will be subject to an administration charge of 50% of fees paid. Cancellation made by traders within 2 weeks before the event date will be subject to an administration charge of 100% of fees paid.

20. Disputes

20.1 In the event of any disputes the Organiser’s decision is final.